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Te Aratini [te reo Māori pronunciation: Te arda-tin-knee] conveys the idea of many converging pathways. This name was gifted by the Iwi Chairs Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand as a call to igniting and reigniting the enduring connections between Indigenous & Tribal Peoples globally. 


Te Aratini is more than an event. It is a movement toward elevating Indigenous & Tribal peoples' knowledges, know-how and aspirations globally. In pursuit of this goal, Te Aratini will foster a deeper holistic understanding of Indigenous & Tribal Peoples economies and the converging roles of culture, commerce, community and conservation in the protection, maintenance and resurgence of the world’s Indigenous & Tribal economies.

This website is also intended to host a global repository of dynamic digital content and networks created by, with and for Indigenous & Tribal Peoples and for the benefit of all peoples.



As an Indigenous-led and Government supported movement toward a radically inclusive future, Te Aratini aspires to amplify the importance of Indigenous & Tribal Peoples’ trade and economic inclusion globally through this international flagship event as part of Expo 2020's Tolerance & Inclusivity Week.

In facilitating the connecting of Indigenous & Tribal peoples through collaborations with many of World Expo's participating countries, we hope that this first of its kind World Expo event will inspire a legacy place for Te Aratini at future World Expos and beyond.

Te Aratini is the promise of a new and enduring relationship for participants beyond Expo 2020 that illuminates the innovation, vibrance and sophistication of Indigenous & Tribal economies globally.


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